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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


 These enchanting shoes are the work of UK artist Jennifer Collier. Creating innovative pieces, she uses found materials.  Through weaving, stitching, waxing, she creates rare and one-of-a-kind pieces made into garments and accessories.  Says Collier,  The works have the power to communicate ideas about recycling, as well as themes exploring the body. My work is often inspired by literature.The work is non-functional and aims to encourage people to speculate on the nature of value. I enjoy the idea of working with disposable organic materials that are transient in nature, imbuing them with worth and creating something intriguing and of great beauty." 
Top image: Wall Paper Stilettos
Book Shoes made out of vintage book pages.
 You'll never get lost in these . . .The Map Shoes can be made in the map of your choice
 The Music Shoes.  What better way to commission your favorite work . . .?

 The Letter Shoes.  Imagine old love letters and stamps crafted into these . . .
The best is last!  My favs are The Pattern Corsage Stilettos made out of old dressmaking patterns (of which I collect)

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