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Friday, December 31, 2010


 Wouldn't this be a prize piece for an opening night?  The now famous Monarch Butterfly Dress is the finale piece from Seattle designer, Luly Yang's Metamorphosis collection! Believe it or not she had originally created the piece in paper while working as a graphic designer for an architecture firm. There was a competition to highlight the quality of fine paper products, and to best display the papers printing qualifications, Luly Yang chose to print the image of the butterfly and pattern the paper into a dress. Thus sprang to life her rendering of what is now known as the Butterfly dress and needless to say she won the competition. She then used fabric to create the actual Butterfly dress and her career as a couture designer was born. 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Peacocks have been inspiring us since time inmemorium as they don the spectrum of blues, 
purples, shades of green and beiges.
Peacock feathers are wonderful accents for belts, head wear, sleeves
and just about any
accessory. Designers here have made the most of our feathered-friend chic, including, yes,
attitude . . . .
 Photography by Koukei/Gown by Pangaia
 Photo by Bethany Antikajian/Dress by Papusza Couture

Saturday, December 11, 2010



Photography . . . . . Bryan John Hendon
Vintage Gowns . . . .Divine Elegance
Model . . . .Loren Juliet Paige
Make up and Hair . . . . Christal Saville
Location . . . .Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael

When I first laid eyes on these stunning images I followed the links leading me to the work of photographer Bryan John Hendon. A master of composition, his specialty is his incredible use of both artificial and natural  light. Here with his favorite muse and model, Loren Juliet Paige, they have created real fashion poetry showcasing these gorgeous vintage gowns from Divine Elegance .

Pique crepe, with a v-back,  and magenta velvet ribbon around the waist and streaming down the back of gown with a pretty detachable rose in back.

' Loren's Sleepless Nights'

The soft baby blue strapless ballerina-esque beauty has 3 layers of tulle netting with a thick blue satin lining in between. The waist is beautifully crafted of satin and a lavish blue satin ribbon train. 

Late 1950s, damask/brocade A-line with Sabrina neck makes a perfect cocktail dress . . .

Gold net and satin dress circa early 1950s

Thursday, December 2, 2010


 Every fall, Seattle bsed designer, Luly Yang creates a new collection centered around a particular theme. This year's inspiration was The Ocean. In her opening letter in the show program, Luly wrote: "This year's show takes its lighthearted inspiration from the seemingly endless variety of life that lives in our ocean. I found myself with a child-like curiosity of this mysterious underwater world, inspired by the infinite range of movement, texture and color that lives in the alternate universe". The production of the fashion show takes months to complete and each dress is painstakingly designed and delicately made. The difference between luxury ready-to-wear and couture is that Luly spends hours in the work room developing and carrying out her inspiration. Every detail of every dress is overseen by her, and the finished product is one that is personally nurtured by Luly.  These images are the end result of a magnificent concept to creation project . . . .

Monday, November 29, 2010


Take a look at these gemmies.  British milliner Jane Taylor creates fascinators, hats and headpieces to die for.  In her London studio you'll find everything from vintage-inspired to the theatrical.  Plumes, netting, beads and other gems are found by Jane and woven into all the imaginative chic you see here.  You'll find  her work in Vogue, Elle, and Harpers and of course the bridal mags like Brides UK and Cosmopolitan Brides.  Check out her truly visual feast of a site  Jane Taylor Millinery.  I swear you'll be into wearing hats from now on . . .

Thursday, November 25, 2010

BI POLAR CHIC: The Fine Art of Androgynous Dressing

Gotta Marlene Dietrich thing? I mean, don't you love how she swung the femmefatale as well as that distinct masculine style of putting herself in men's trousers? I call this androgynous style or true imagination for cross-dressing of one's image, a knack Marlene Dietrich like Madonna, definately had.
While my husband winces whenever I do the vest and tie routine (looking more like Annie Hall than Marlene) once I'm out and about, women walk up to me in stores and on the street, and applaud my bravado.
In 1930 Marlene sported top hat, white tie and tails in the film Morocco bravely ushering in one of the most iconic images in film. For those of you corageous enough to try something different on New Years or that very formal soiree, all you need to go a la masculine is:

1. Black tailcoat suit (or a tailcoat and black pants).

2. White tie, shirt, cumberbund, and pocket hankie.

3. Optional white vest or vestcoat

4. Top hat .

Wool-blend tuxedo jacket 


$535 (345 GBP) -

Black leather oxford shoes. A concealed elastic panel sits at the front. Wooden sole and sculptural heel. Pointed toe. Work androgynous chic with these leather oxford shoes from Alexander Wang. Team with cropped trousers and a crisp shirt this coming season for serious sartorial style.

 Kate Moss posing a la Deitrech
My personal fav for going androg

Monday, November 22, 2010


Spring collections are my favs. All those bloomin' colors and lightweight, wispy fabrics. Oscar de la Renta has always had a knack for bringing on the Spring gala chic.  He definitely has my compliments this season . . .