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Thursday, December 2, 2010


 Every fall, Seattle bsed designer, Luly Yang creates a new collection centered around a particular theme. This year's inspiration was The Ocean. In her opening letter in the show program, Luly wrote: "This year's show takes its lighthearted inspiration from the seemingly endless variety of life that lives in our ocean. I found myself with a child-like curiosity of this mysterious underwater world, inspired by the infinite range of movement, texture and color that lives in the alternate universe". The production of the fashion show takes months to complete and each dress is painstakingly designed and delicately made. The difference between luxury ready-to-wear and couture is that Luly spends hours in the work room developing and carrying out her inspiration. Every detail of every dress is overseen by her, and the finished product is one that is personally nurtured by Luly.  These images are the end result of a magnificent concept to creation project . . . .

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