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Saturday, December 11, 2010



Photography . . . . . Bryan John Hendon
Vintage Gowns . . . .Divine Elegance
Model . . . .Loren Juliet Paige
Make up and Hair . . . . Christal Saville
Location . . . .Falkirk Cultural Center, San Rafael

When I first laid eyes on these stunning images I followed the links leading me to the work of photographer Bryan John Hendon. A master of composition, his specialty is his incredible use of both artificial and natural  light. Here with his favorite muse and model, Loren Juliet Paige, they have created real fashion poetry showcasing these gorgeous vintage gowns from Divine Elegance .

Pique crepe, with a v-back,  and magenta velvet ribbon around the waist and streaming down the back of gown with a pretty detachable rose in back.

' Loren's Sleepless Nights'

The soft baby blue strapless ballerina-esque beauty has 3 layers of tulle netting with a thick blue satin lining in between. The waist is beautifully crafted of satin and a lavish blue satin ribbon train. 

Late 1950s, damask/brocade A-line with Sabrina neck makes a perfect cocktail dress . . .

Gold net and satin dress circa early 1950s

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